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Greenhand roustabout course

While hiring new workers with no previous experience, the leading companies that operate offshore oil rigs tend to give preference to the candidates that got their Greenhand Certification. Normally that's a 5 to 7 day course of training that covers aspects like Work Safety, Introduction to Drilling Operations, Manual Handling, COSHH, Working at Heights, Helicopter & Helideck Safety, and Banksman Slinging. The value of this course consists in helping applicants have better understanding of the lifestyle and the responsibilities having to do with staying on offshore oil rigs in the open sea waters, harsh weather conditions and challenging environment they are to be exposed while working as part of offshore oil drilling deck crew.


Even in spite of certain slowdown, currently it is still relatively easy to find and get roustabout offshore job in the USA, particularly off the Gulf Coast oil drilling location. The simplest way to do that is by walking in and speaking to the hiring officer responsible for the selection of new hands or to the recruiting agency. Due to the high turnover rate of the work force the oil companies never stop headhunting, and it is quite usual that they are even willing to have the candidates trained towards them receiving all the necessary certifications that are required for starting work as entry level oil rig workers. These normally include physical exam and issuing an offshore medical certification, initial drug test (to be repeated afterwards continuously, passing offshore survival course confirmed by the appropriate certificate upon completion. Getting a helicopter and underwater survival training certificates is absolutely compulsory, without them nobody is allowed to disembark on the oil rig deck. If you succeed in assuring them you fit the requirements set for greenhand roustabout personnel, you will still have to pass a brief 14 - 21 days instruction course to be taught everything you are going to do as part of your numerous duties and the behavior rules to observe while working on oil rig. The work is by shifts. The rest you are expected to learn from other crew members during your trial period.

Types of Oil Jobs

  • Entry-Level Oil Jobs: Roustabout, Medic, Cook's Assistant, Dishwasher, Painter/Cleaner, Different Catering Positions
  • Roughneck Jobs
  • Rig Floorhand Jobs
  • Driller Jobs
  • Toolpusher Jobs
  • Derrickhand

    Experienced Roustabout Needed! NW Oklahoma based oil drilling company is seeking an experienced roustabout with basic oilfield knowledge coupled with several years of working experience in oilfield construction. The preference will be given to applicants for the job living in Enid area. Required licenses and skills: valid driving record, CDL, ability to work independently without being supervised directly. Besides high salary, successful candidate will be awarded medical insurance and 401(k) program from behalf of the oil company that hires.

    Alberta Oil Sands Jobs. Nigeria. Libya. Qatar. India. Venezuela. Angola. North Sea Natural Gas Jobs. Kuwait. Argentina. Australia. Congo. UK. Canada. Alberta. California. Texas. North Sea Offshore Oil Jobs. North Dakota. Gulf of Mexico. Recruiting workers for working on oil drilling platforms, even in South Africa for residents of the USA.

  • When submitting your application for a roustabout vacancy, do not forget to mention in your CV any experience of having worked manually, especially if it had to do with handling / servicing mechanisms. Any survival training course, or BOSIET, or HUET certificates, or what ever, you better state that clear in your resumé. Roustbouts' main responsibilities on an oil rig presume they can work hard, move mechanisms around the deck, carry different boxes or heavy instrument, fix pipes, drag ropes, do intensive cleaning etc. That's why it's recommended that you avoid emphasizing you are, say, highly educated or possess some very rare not to say exceptional tech skills/knowledge - by doing so you risk your application could be rejected because of your being too much in excess qualified, i.e. too good to fill the vacancy of entry level roustabout.

    Greenhand Roustabout Training course at Offshore Crane Corporation

    If you are serious about increasing your chances of getting your entry level job on oil rigs as roustabout, it pays to increase your chances exponentially by enrolling to the many courses that they have been offering all the time, for example the 14 days long group Greenhand Roustabout Course by Offshore Crane Corporation that includes:

  • Introduction to drilling
  • Working safely and work ethics
  • Roustabout responsibilities and care for safety
  • Traveling, helicopter operations and safety
  • Rigging and Slinging
  • Lifting Tackle Inspector
  • 10 ton forklift license theory and practical
  • Stage 1 crane operators license
  • Arc welding

    With the same company you may attend individual training courses, such as:

  • Crane Operator
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Banksman/Rigging
  • Welding
  • Forklift Operator

    On UK's offshore oil rigs the majority of the employers will require applicant to have passed a GreenHand course, and to be at least a holder of BOSIET offshore survival training certificate and offshore medical certificate. Your chances will increase exponentially, but do not take it literally, none of these actually guarantee placement. Since the lion portion on oil jobs in the UK are located off the shore of Aberdeen, you need to live locally to be regarded seriously for a new hire position. If in addition you've got no proper contacts, you better switch to looking for an oil job placement in the Canadian province of Alberta or the Gulf of Mexico.

    Oil Rig Job Search Information

    This online oil rig job search resource has been designed to provide up to date information and assistance for people interested in finding jobs, both entry level and advanced positions, in the Oil & Gas Industry. In fact, we have accumulated vast experience during years of successfully assisting eligible people to get their foot in the door of the world oil exploration and extraction industry that has for almost century been remaining one of the biggest employers of the best paid workforce, including persons wishing to perform inexperienced oil rig jobs. Never undertaking to become or act as a recruiting agent working for offshore or onshore oil drilling companies, we still keep gathering the information that might be of the greatest value for active and motivated job seekers that with the right approach would maximize applicants' chances to get employed and land that dream oil rig job that your competitors are also looking to win. Advice, information, and recommendations found throughout the pages of this website are all focussed on facilitating the ambitious men and women to outperform other persons looking for an entry level oil rig vacancies like roustabouts/roughnecks at every stage of an employment process, starting from properly presenting their resumé/CV to the HR departments of the oil drilling companies like BP, Petrobras etc. and ending with brilliantly passing interview as one of chosen candidates to be selected from to grant a chance to prove themselves by working in the challenging environment on oil platforms at places like North Sea. With us you'll benefit from avoiding committing typical mistakes made by inexperienced candidates fighting for the available positions on offshore oil drilling facilities that hire. We also offer information about jobs in oil industry like detailed job descriptions, tables to compare salaries for different positions, and many other time and effort saving knowledge and advice.

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    Who gets entry level oil rig jobs, and who fails to

    With us you will learn from experience and feedback provided by the people that have worked for years on the rigs the do's and don't that make the difference between the people that do and those that do not get the entry level oil rig jobs. The good news for job seekers lies in the fact that the difference in question is so minor that it can be easily altered, if you can just realize where it resides. By understanding these small differences you'll have the half task of getting employed with oil companies that hire done, once as a candidate you understand what the employers are looking in their prospective greenhands for, thus getting hold of the strategic preference over the other applicants. Find out how someone got an entry level oil rig job with no experience whatsoever and see, if you could do the same and make your way to getting your very first oil rig job in Australia, Noway, Canada, or off shore Aberdeen, USA.

    Entry Level Oil Rig Roustabout, Starting from Salary of $US 54,500 Per Year, Location Oklahoma City, OK

    Full time employment. The job description. This entry level oil rig position allows being promoted to an even better paid position of Roughneck. Major responsibilities include routinely guiding weights that the crane loads, unloads and move from one place on the deck to another. Roustabout is also responsible for keeping the main deck and the pipe deck clean and orderly, delivering equipment to the rig floor when asked for, and then removing it back to the place assigned for each piece of the equipment. During the meals time he is obligated to substitute in turn the Roughnecks, one after another until every member of the crew has had his meals. Can be asked to help painters, welders, scaffolders etc., when needed and free from his primary duties as described above. Knowing to operate the radio transmitter or having skills allowing to serve as Medic's Assistant are considered as advantage during the decision to be hired.

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